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Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Repair Program


The Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Repair Program is an eight-lesson immersive experience designed to offer you a space to sit with the information you learn and anchor it DEEP! Through creative, consistent engagement, you'll: - Establish a foundation that will allow you to have shared meaning with your loved ones about what GASLIGHTING is. - Understand the different reasons you resorted to GASLIGHTING behavior in the past, and create "red flags" around the things that trigger these behaviors. - Deepen your empathy as you learn about the impact that GASLIGHTING has on your loved ones. - Identify any learned behaviors from family of origin, religion, or cultural places that contributed to your GASLIGHTING behaviors. - Identify where you have gaslit others, where you were gaslit by others, and where you gaslight yourself, and unpack the patterns so that you can CHANGE the patterns. - Learn what is needed to make amends for previous GASLIGHTING that you have done. - Bring repair to your relationships as it pertains to the damage done by your GASLIGHTING - Learn my "four-step approach" to conversations that will help you stay out of the GASLIGHTING patterns you have identified, and have healthy communication with your loved ones. Whether you're doing this with your own coach or therapist, or with Sarah as your coach, this is where you'll find your lesson's video sessions, worksheets/assessments, a place to house your "A-HA!" moments, and record your top-take aways and gratitudes. Choose your payment plan, and roll up your sleeves - it's time to get to work!

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Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Repair, $159.00

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