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Deconstructing Gaslighting® Repair Specialist


The Certified Deconstructing Gaslighting® Repair Specialist training takes you through the Deconstructing Gaslighting® Repair program. Upon completion of the training, you will: 1) Have an understanding of the theme and goals of the Deconstructing Gaslighting® Repair program. 2) Know the methodology - how the different programs work to create shared meaning on both sides of a couple ship. 3) Have the ability to speak to each of the learning objectives of the eight videos included in the offerings. 4) Understand how to connect the work in the program according to the APSATS MPTM training to the focused areas of gaslighting work. ( 5) Be able to use the tools given in the repair program to successfully assist your clients in mastering the four-step process to avoid gaslighting both in the moment and pre-emptively. 6) Be aware of the most common biggest needs/struggles clients have going through the offerings. 7) Be aware of the most common pitfalls helping professionals fall into. 8) Have an understanding of how to adapt the offerings based on client needs. Upon completion of the course (80% minimum pass rate on the quizzes), you will be sent a digital certificate, invited to join the Helping Professionals Supervision Group (if you accept, there is a fee associated), and given access to the "CDGRS Helping Professionals Toolbox". You will now be able to confidently walk your clients through the Deconstructing Gaslighting® Repair!

You can also join this program via the mobile app.


CDGRS Specialist Training, $189.00

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