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The next mastermind will be held the weekend of December 10 or 11, 2021 (your choice!).

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Today is your day to step into action!

We don't always get to walk away from the gaslighters in our life: co-parenting with an ex-intimate partner, family members, a boss or client - the list can be extensive.  This can leave us feeling stuck, backed into a corner, and faltering to find our voice; it can leave us confused, disempowered, and full of self-doubt. 

You can change this dynamic by "opting-out" of gaslighting experiences!

"Speak your mind – even if your voice shakes... Well-aimed slingshots can topple giants.

And do your homework.”

- Maggie Kuhn


This is how we step into action!

Are you ready...

To make a change; to step into a place of power; to use your voice (even if it shakes)?

To do the work?

To prioritize your own mental health, needs, and wants (even if you don't know them yet)?

Hiking Boots


  • Establish an unshakeable foundation as we discuss principles that will ground you and center you in the face of the swirling chaos and confusion that gaslighting can cause; you will have solid footing in the commitment you will make TO YOURSELF.  This is RESOLVE.

  • Deconstruct the dynamic of the power-play/debate, and how that keeps us in a disempowered, disconnected place.  I will share with you a conversation format that will shift the power, and allow you to have enough safety to re-engage your feelings.  This is  CONNECTION.

  • Unpack detachment in a way that shifts OUR FOCUS from external results to INTERNAL PEACE.  This is RELEASE.

  • Activate, validate and reinforce: you will get MY brain on YOUR specific situation, where I'll help you think outside the box, get more ideas of how to engage your gaslighter(s), and tweak anything that needs adjusting; you will build "muscle memory" and activate your voice through the role playing.  This is CONFIDENCE.


The mastermind is a week long experience, culminating in a live, interactive group.  It is designed to offer you a space to learn a reliable method and anchor it DEEP!  Through thorough, thoughtful, and immersive engagement, you shift from feeling powerless in the face of gaslighting, to being EMPOWERED by your ability to know how to avoid the arrows.  The mastermind combines a video lesson and workbook (which you work through before the mastermind), AND a 90-minute live group coaching call with break-out rooms.

You are invited. 

It’s been 4 years (strong) and I gotta tell you…I’m still using the tools I learned from you!! I’ve been know to say, and with a smile:  I refuse to ever be a victim of gaslighting so don’t even try.” I am fully aware of all things around me. The boundaries I learned from you are still in place! Thank you so much!

Smiling Girl

- L.K. 

Deconstructing Opting-Out

The E³ Mastermind


  • VIDEO LESSON -  Your video holds the information that is the foundation for the work we will do during the mastermind.  This is where we address the energy and mindset necessary to being opting-out of gaslighting experiences.  Available to watch at your convenience, you will be sent a link via email to watch the video.  

  • MASTERMIND WORKBOOK - Your workbook is where you'll find the "Conversation Generator"; where the outline and phrases to help you begin to form new conversations with your gaslighter(s) are.  Downloadable to print or send to your favorite note-taking app.  

  • 90 MINUTE GROUP ZOOM SESSION -   Our LIVE time together viz Zoom, where you will get both individual attention and group interaction - both centered on increasing your confidence in your new found voice and ability to step out of range of the arrows.

Your Investment - $150* 

*Please inquire if you need sliding scale pricing.

Woman in the Nature

Before Sarah’s workshop, I struggled with knowing what to do when someone was gaslighting me. Now I know to stay away from the arrows.  I now know that I do not have to be a victim to gaslighting, I can just walk away.

- Wendy

Woman in Nature

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