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The group coaching experience is for those individuals who love the energy and insight of "the group"; who experience transformation best in the context of relationship; those who implement information most powerfully in an intimate community experience!


In Sarah’s Healing from Gaslighting group coaching, she has taken the 38 videos from the course, and, along with the supporting worksheets, grouped them in such a way that the group moves through the course at the same space – over the course of 24 weeks.


The impact group coaching has is like no other!  Going through the course together creates a powerful dynamic as you hear others sharing similar experiences.  Members experience a safe, intimate connection through the deep understanding of each other’s situation. There is a profound healing that comes from the solidarity, validation, affirmation, and empathy you experience through the group.


This experience includes:


24 weeks participation in private FB group with others going through the course (I will monitor and participate in the group)

24, two-hour, live, intimate group coaching calls with individualized coaching time

Lifetime access to my "Healing from Gaslighting" Self-Study On-Line Course

Healing from Gaslighting Course + 24, 2-hour group sessions + more!

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