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After eight years of Deconstructing Gaslighting™ and over 6,000 hours of coaching clients, I have found that these three components are essential to finding, and living in, that blissful place of freedom that comes from knowing, and being able to stay connected to, your authentic self.  Here's a snapshot of my signature E³ process...

Because information is power, ESPECIALLY when it comes to gaslighting, this is where it all begins. This is where you learn to recognize what gaslighting is, and how it has affected your life and relationships.  Connecting with your authentic self and power is dependent on this key foundational component.  This is the beginning of an unshakable anchoring to your knowing.   

Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.  This part of your journey is where you roll up your sleeves and examine the two sides of a gaslighting experience: where you begin to master recognizing gaslighting behaviors, as well as understand what makes you vulnerable to gaslighting.  Seeing both these things is essential in attaining clarity.  That clarity is the birthplace of self-trust, finding your voice, and the beginning of true peace.  

Moving into embodiment is Magical.  This part of your journey is where you take a look at self-gaslighting and gently, but firmly, break open the façade that kept you from knowing and embracing all that you are. Truly seeing the wonder and beauty of your fell self, you fall in love with yourself, and, once you've crossed this threshold, you can't go back.  You are transformed.  Learning to live in alignment with your authentic self is your launching place of blissful freedom. 


"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together."

- African proverb

In my nine years of coaching, I've not experienced the magic that happens in group coaching anywhere else.  The transformation is so much more powerful, and this is why ALL of my programs have been created with a group experience at its core.  


Deconstructing Gaslighting™
Free Workshop

Most people start here— learning to see with understanding!

Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Workshop is a five-day experience.

It is the foundational educational guide with three live lessons, two live Q and A sessions, practical tools, embodiment growth exercises, and community support. This workshop is designed to create shared meaning for all the work Sarah does together with her clients. 


With a curios energy, this workshop supports you on a journey to truly understanding what gaslighting is, the levels of awareness and motive for gaslighting, and gives you a clear roadmap for how to shift your power when it comes to gaslighting experiences.  You start with a desire to understand gaslighting; you finish with a solid foundation, and desire to shift into a place of authentic power in your life and relationships.


This is for those who know information is power, and are ready to awaken to understanding.  

Enrolling soon for January 2021


Deconstructing Gaslighting™
The Empowerment Sessions

Ready to take your understanding to the next level, master the ability to recognize gaslighting when it’s happening and become a ninja???  (Okay, maybe not a traditional ninja, but you WILL be able to avoid those gaslighting “arrows” like a ninja! This is for those awakening to their power and wanting to unleash even more.

Deconstructing Gaslighting™ The Empowerment Sessions is an immersive experience that combines 1-1 mentorship, weekly live group coaching, and an engaged PRIVATE community space with video lessons, assessments, embodiment growth experiences, and celebrations – just to name a few!  This program is designed to take the important information you learn, and ANCHOR it deep, enabling you to step more fully into your true, authentic power.

This is not for those just looking for teaching … it IS for those ready for a multifaceted experience to transformation.  It’s not for those looking for someone else for the answers… it IS for those wanting to find the answers for themselves!  It is not for those who aren’t ready to do the deep work … it’s for those ready to get curious about themselves and want to live from a place of clarity and empowerment.


Opens January 2022 - spots are currently being filled.

Lotus Flower

Embracing Awakening™ Signature Program

Do you know, in your KNOWER, that there’s more?  More to you; more to life?  Are you tired of living life half-awake – skimming the surface of your true potential?

Are you ready to give yourself permission to focus on YOU?  To get to know yourself better than you knew was possible?  To free yourself from all the things you’ve taken on over the years that aren’t truly you?  This program is for those ready to embrace ALL the things – but mostly, ready to awaken to and embrace the fullness of who they are. 

Embracing Awakening™ is again an immersive experience.  This program, however, is more intimate.  With less participants, it combines more 1-1 mentorship, weekly live group depth coaching, and again - that engaged PRIVATE community space with video lessons, assessments, embodiment growth experiences, and celebrations – just to name a few!  This program is designed to truly journey together!  We dive deep into our cores, making life-changing discoveries along the way.  We emerge free: knowing, loving, and trusting ourselves.

This is not for those looking for a quick fix in their life … it IS for those ready to dedicate the time and energy they deserve ON THEMSELVES.  It’s not for those looking for someone else to define who they should be or how they should live… it IS for those wanting to define that for themselves!  It is not for those who aren’t desiring to love themselves fiercely … it IS for those ready to live fully awake, and totally in love with themselves.  

This program is still undergoing technical production.  It will be launching in February 2022.  What better time to invest in yourself than the month dedicated to love?!  You can get on the waitlist now, though!  (Space will be limited to Eight people).


These are some of the results my clients have experienced working with me.

What if you already have these things inside of you, and you merely need to awaken your full potential?


Come, Embrace With Me...



Your ability to have an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of yourself and the world around you.


How would your daily decisions and interactions be affected if you were confident in your insight? 

Clifftop Capture

Authentic Power

Your clarity around your personal limits, and what keeps you in alignment with your authentic self.

What changes would happen in your life if you refused to take on anything that takes you out of your integrity?




Indian Priest Meditating at Sunset



Your center of security and calmness that comes when you are in alignment; all parts of you coexisting in perfect harmony.

How would it change the way you navigate the "hard times" if you knew how to get back to your center of peace?

Laying in Meadow


Your connection to self-worth as you discover all the wonder inside of you.


How different would it feel if you were able to live from a place of knowing you're worthy of the things you desire? 

SUP Yoga and Clouds


Your belief in YOURSELF to hold fast to knowing your truth and loving yourself well.

How would it change the energy of your interactions if you trusted yourself as the foremost expert on YOU?


Raising The Bar

Your commitment to yourself to not make yourself smaller, or settle for less than your heart's desire.

What changes would you make in your life if you stopped making concessions, and raised the bar to where you will find true joy?



Your WHOLENESS, and with it, a deep self love.

How would you show up in the different areas of your life, if you were rooted in loving yourself well, and requiring others to do the same?


Your Voice

Your ability to speak your truth with certainty.

How different would your life be if you were able to say yes, no, ask for what you need and want... say all the things you want to, and none of the things you don't?

Fun in Rain


Your ability to live no longer confined by the power of another. 


How different would life be if you were free of the burdens you've carried?  How would it impact the way you walk, talk, love, sing, dance...?


What would if feel like if your baseline was the freedom that comes from knowing, loving, and trusting yourself? ​​​


If you know this is the journey you are ready for, but aren't quite sure where to start, let's get curious and figure it out together!

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Coach Sarah was instrumental in helping me find calmness in the craziest moments through her knowledge, concrete strategies, and professional care. I felt seen and understood by her in every step of my journey. Most importantly, I felt safe - safe sharing my deepest pain with her and safe exposing the ugliness of my betrayal story in order to find healing and empowerment. 

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Sarah has been instrumental in my healing journey. She has been a guide, a cheerleader, an empathizer and more! She has helped me tap into my true self and live out of my own core values. 

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"Let's face it: The topic of gaslighting isn't child's play - it takes a true expert to break through the drama, legitimize the trauma, then champion for the triumph of those seeking to "turn off the gas."  Sarah is that expert.  She knows her material inside and out, and she teaches it with the compassion and conviction of an intimate friend.  I left Sarah's workshop with both immediate and unforgettable takeaways.  Then, within weeks, I used those tools to execute meaningful change within my marriage.  Worth every penny - including the flight from CA to TX!"