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FREE Webinar (& Workbook)

Learn a format that keeps you safe in conversations with your gaslighter

Today is your day to step into action!

We don't always get to walk away from the gaslighters in our life:

co-parenting with an ex-intimate partner, family members, a boss or client - the list can be extensive.  This can leave us feeling stuck, backed into a corner, and faltering to find our voice; it can leave us confused, disempowered, and full of self-doubt. 

I’ve had many clients ask me, “Can I ever heal from this?”, and my response is always,

“Only if you stop (or at least minimize) being retraumatized.”


One of the QUICKEST ways you can minimize being retraumatized by GASLIGHTING is by learning how to navigate the conversations you have with your gaslighter(s).



This video will completely change the way

you experience and react to conversations with YOUR Gaslighters,

and it WILL minimize YOU being retraumatized!.

You can change this dynamic by "opting-out" of GASLIGHTING experiences!


The webinar is designed to offer you a private, safe space to learn a reliable method to communicate with your gaslighter

and anchor it DEEP...


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In this webinar you will learn:


  • The mindset that is necessary for you to stay grounded in the face of GASLIGHTING.


  • The conversation methods I teach all of my private clients to help them navigate the confusing “mental gymnastics” they experience in these conversations.


  • How to build a solid foundation for your conversations by helping you shift your mindset into a place of empowerment.


  • A simple and effective format you can use over and over and over with any and all Gaslighters you come across.



Wherever you are in your journey with GASLIGHTING you can begin to use the important tools that you will learn IMMEDIATELY.

Are you ready...

To make a change; to step into a place of power;

to use your voice (even if it shakes)?

To do the work?

To prioritize your own mental health, needs, and wants

(even if you don't know them yet)?





VIDEO LESSON -  Your video lesson holds the information that is the foundation for the work you will do in your workbook.  This is where we address the energy and mindset necessary to opt-out of GASLIGHTING experiences.  


  • Spaces to take notes while you watch the webinar

  • Question prompts to help you get the most out of what you learn in the webinar

  • A special method I call the “Conversation Generator”

  • Phrases to help you craft your conversations, with varying levels of “confrontation” (or lack thereof)


Downloadable to print or send to your favorite note-taking app.  


Get this today for FREE!

"Speak your mind – even if your voice shakes... Well-aimed slingshots can topple giants.

And do your homework.”

- Maggie Kuhn


THIS is how we step into action!

“(I’m celebrating myself) recognizing diversion in a conversation, bringing the conversation back to the main topic, asking for what I need while being aware that I most likely will not receive it, and walking away not begging for my need to be met or seen… And regardless of the outcome, I feel peaceful, brave, and strong.” - 

- Client who went by “New Wings”

Get Started Today!

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