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Wondering about results?
Listen to a few of my clients share their experiences...

Sassy Sarah channeling some
"Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" vibes,
celebrating client's wins! 

(Full testimonials below.)

Hope. - E2 Alumni:

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Annie. - E2 Founding Member:

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"You’ve changed my life and helped me open my eyes, really believe that I should never be placed below someone else - I am an equal, understand that I’m deserving and worthy of kindness and respect, and have given me tools to continue to grow stronger and stronger. 


I was living in the dark for so long. I love this quote from Eep in the movie The Croods where she is talking to her Dad about always hiding away and living in the dark. She says, 


'That wasn’t living! That was just… not dying! There’s a difference.'


I am eternally grateful for you. Keep following your passion and saving lives…. Really that is exactly what you’re doing." 

- C.B. E2 Founding Member

"What an honor to learn about the insidious, invisible abuse I endured for decades in my family of origin and then in my marriage. I had no idea! Then came Sarah!!! Working closely with Sarah empowered me to wake up and see my family and spouse with clear eyes. She helped me see and find my worth, set healthy boundaries and move away from toxic people. 

I have Sarah to thank for helping me protect my heart and soul - and kids - from covert and overt gaslighting. Now they (kids) say, 'stop gaslighting me!' Make no mistake, Sarah Morales is the guru of all things gaslighting."


"Coaching with Sarah has opened a door for me to return to me… to grow and discover where I had adopted other’s ideas of me, AND to stop owning the feelings and experiences of others."

- Cindy B.

"Sarah has been instrumental in my healing journey. She has been a guide, a cheerleader, an empathizer and more! She has helped me tap into my true self and live out of my own core values." 


"Before Sarah's coaching I looked outside of myself for validation and didn't trust my own reality. Now, with a deeper understanding of how others gaslight us AND how we can gaslight ourselves, I know myself, love myself, and trust myself, and only put energy into the relationships that do the same. Her coaching taught me to raise the bar for my relationships and authentically live my best life as my true self."

-Annie H.

"I was at the end of a very long, hard road and was grasping for anything that would help me come outside of myself.  I would have given anything to not be in my own skin - I think that may have been one of the first things I said to Sarah. ​Without getting into too much detail I will say that my sense of self was a bit fragmented and I had very little trust in others, much less myself. 

Not only did Sarah help me LOVE my own skin, she made me realize that I have the power and choice to appreciate me! I learned to forgive not only myself, but let go of the pain that had been inflicted on me. ​Sarah helped me envision a better me, and worked with me to become my better version. For this I am finally beginning to feel WHOLE. She literally saved my life and I will be forever thankful!"


"It’s been 4 years (strong) and I gotta tell you…I’m still using the tools I learned from you!! I’ve been know to say, and with a smile:  I refuse to ever be a victim of gaslighting so don’t even try.” I am fully aware of all things around me. The boundaries I learned from you are still in place! Thank you so much!"


"Coach Sarah was instrumental in helping me find calmness in the craziest moments through her knowledge, concrete strategies, and professional care. I felt seen and understood by her in every step of my journey. Most importantly, I felt safe - safe sharing my deepest pain with her and safe exposing the ugliness of my betrayal story in order to find healing and empowerment." 


"Let's face it: The topic of gaslighting isn't child's play - it takes a true expert to break through the drama, legitimize the trauma, then champion for the triumph of those seeking to "turn off the gas."  Sarah is that expert.  She knows her material inside and out, and she teaches it with the compassion and conviction of an intimate friend.  I left Sarah's workshop with both immediate and unforgettable takeaways.  Then, within weeks, I used those tools to execute meaningful change within my marriage.  Worth every penny - including the flight from CA to TX!"


"Sarah's work has been a game-changer and completely transformational. Her giftedness and incredibly straightforward approach are invaluable in helping call out toxic relational patterns and to better understand how to identify and communicate healthy boundaries. Specializing in gaslighting and healing from the effects of narcissism is something very much needed in our world today at an individual, communal and national level for both clients and clinicians alike."

- B.R. 

"Sarah’s knowledge and humor will stay with you.  Her 12-week Gaslighting Course is tough, safe, and transformative …My knowing was sparked during a 'hot seat time'...with realizing the origins of self-gaslighting.  Now I ask myself: Is this a conflict to MY values?  Am I being set up to offer a concession?"

- D.W.

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