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Hi!  I’m your host, Sarah Morales - Life coach and Gaslighting Specialist.  I basically help people become ninjas.  Well, not real ninjas, but gaslighting evading ninjas, for sure! 

I work with people to step into their authentic power, be connected to their knowing, and live a life of wholeness and freedom. 

My lens for doing this is unapologetically one of gaslighting.  I teach others to recognize gaslighting as it’s happening outside of them, and the damage it does to their relationships.  After that, I teach them to recognize the gaslighting that is happening INSIDE of them, and the damage it has done to their own sense of self. 

I call this process Deconstructing Gaslighting™.

On Deconstructing Gaslighting™ the podcast, my guests and I will talk about all things gaslighting.  Each week I will bring on a new guest, and we will discuss the real-life stories of gaslighting experiences they have gone through or witnessed.  As we do, I’ll highlight different aspects of their gaslighting experience, and share a tip or tool so that you can begin to increase your own understanding and recognition of this thing we call gaslighting, and in doing so, step more into your own authentic power!

So, put in your headphones and bring me on your walk or run; listen to my guest’s stories as you clean the house or drive to work… get ready to shake your head and maybe release a cuss word or two (I know I will be!  LOL), and join us as we Deconstruct Gaslighting™.

We are creating a community AND a movement.  You are invited.

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