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From one of my former clients...

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The Empowerment Sessions

All options come with the base of my 12-week course...

  • 12 X VIDEO LESSONS - Varying in length, these 12 videos hold the information that is the foundation for all other work we do. 

  • ANCHORING ACTIVITIES - you will have access to personal assessments, worksheets, weekly musings, and embodiment experiences - ALL created by me to help you not just learn, but ANCHOR IN the lessons you receive from the videos.  These activities help you break through into new awareness about the most important thing you could ever learn about - YOU. 

Option 1:

MONTHLY Q & A LIVESTREAM  - as you go through your lessons, you will have a space to submit the questions that come up (via a document). Once a month, I will go live to answer the questions that have been submitted to me, and you get to jump on that livestream to hear your (and other's) questions being answered (they are kept anonymous)  

  • TOTAL COST: $111 US

Option 2:

WEEKLY DEDICATED SHARE TIME - Each week, during one of my "group" meetings, you will be guaranteed 10 - 15 minutes of live, individual attention where you can ask questions and get my feedback on YOUR situation. These moments can be KEY to you integrating and owning each week's lesson. Stay for all of the other participants questions, or bounce after your time - it's up to you! (There won't be interaction with the other participants - just with me) 

  • TOTAL COST: $656 USD

  • Next Cohort begins FEB/MARCH 2023 (Limited to 10 people per group)

  • DAYTIME access = Wednesdays beginning at 1:00 pm EST

  • EVENING access = Thursdays beginning at 8:00 pm EST. 

  • Schedule a free consultation here if you have questions.

Choose your DST Session:

Option 3:

Course only: pay in full: $111 USD

Course Plus Designated Share Time: $100 deposit; then $556* USD. 

Course Plus 1:1 Sessions: $100 deposit; then $1400* USD

*Payment plans available. 

***Please inquire if you need financial assistance.

WEEKLY 1:1 TIME  - Each week, during your PRIVATE, 1:1 session with me, you will get 30 minutes of live, individual attention where you can ask questions and get my feedback on YOUR situation. With even more time, and in the safety of complete privacy, these sessions can be truly transformational! 

  • TOTAL COST: $1246 USD

  • Open Enrollment - start any time! (But limited to 10 1:1 clients at a time - there will be a wait list for this path)

  • Schedule a free consultation here if you have questions.

I was at the end of a very long, hard road and was grasping for anything that would help me come outside of myself.  I would have given anything to not be in my own skin - I think that may have been one of the first things I said to Sarah. 

Without getting into too much detail I will say that my sense of self was a bit fragmented and I had very little trust in others, much less myself. 

Not only did Sarah help me LOVE my own skin, she made me realize that I have the power and choice to appreciate me! I learned to forgive not only myself, but let go of the pain that had been inflicted on me. 

Sarah helped me envision a better me, and worked with me to become my better version. For this I am finally beginning to feel WHOLE. 

She literally saved my life and I will be forever thankful!

- J.C.

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This is not for the timid... IT IS for those who are ready to "explore the darkness in order to discover the infinite power of our light" (Brene Brown).  It's not for those just looking for a course with a coach to whom they can ask questions... IT IS for those who are looking for a program whose approach to information truly facilitates transformation; IT IS for those who want a different way to live, and are ready to give themselves permission to invest all they have into attaining the changes they are capable of.  

Black Sky


The Empowerment Sessions is a 12-week immersive experience designed to offer you a space to sit with the information you learn and anchor it DEEP!  Through creative, outside-the-box, consistent engagement, you shift from looking outside yourself for the answers, to INSIDE yourself to your knowing.  

You are invited. 

what are

The WeeklyElements:
(What is covered in each week's lesson)

We work through these weekly elements in a variety of contexts; they are anchored in the more you engage them.

  • Week 1: The Journey Begins: We begin by getting familiar with the flow of the course, setting expectations for the work-load, stating intentions for what we want to get out of the journey this course takes you on.


  • Week 2: The Methods: Increase your ability to recognize gaslighting behaviors by deconstructing the methods.  We answer the question: how can I tell...?  We will use these to create RED FLAGS that alert us to gaslighting in the future.


  • Week 3: The Techniques: Leaning in a bit, we identify the seven techniques often used to gaslight.  We address the question: "Why/How does this happen?" 


  • Week 4: The Tactics: Taking out our microscopes (not literally, lol), we zoom in on the finer details of how gaslighting occurs.  This is where we talk about things like: love-bombing, mirroring, double-speak, and so much more, and connect them to the different techniques and methods.


  • Week 5: The Roles: Deepen your connection to your gut by identifying the different roles a gaslighter may take on.  We link the ties between the tactics, techniques and traits the different roles exemplify.


  • Week 6: Why We're Vulnerable: Explore the ways both externally and internally we are pre-disposed to being vulnerable to gaslighting.  We answer the question, "Why does this happen to me?".  You use this awareness to alert yourself to the areas you need to pay special attention to as you engage those around you.  You don't CHANGE who you are - you value who you are, and now see your vulnerabilities as your responsibility and right to "protect" (boundaries). 


  • Week 7: Gaslighting Risks and Traps: This crucial week you dive into your internal world and reveal the reasons you get sucked into the patterns of gaslighting experiences; it's where you confront the question, "Why do I do this?", and learn how to avoid falling into the traps and stay in your knowing and your power.


  • Week 8: Deconstructing Gaslighting: With your new understanding you are now able to see how all the moving parts work together: Roles-methods-techniques-tactics-vulnerabilities-traps.  This knowledge gives you the clarity to see where and how you BREAK THE CYCLE - faster... it's like getting the superpower of x-ray vision: you can now see through the bullshit (Sassy Sarah wanted to come out to play on this one! )


  • Week 9: Relationship Healing: This is where we tackle one of the hardest questions: "Will they change?".  By taking a look at how REAL change sounds, looks, and feels, you get a CLEAR picture of what YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO EXPECT from someone who says they're "working on it."


  • Week 10: Why We Stay: Honesty, courage, vulnerability, self-awareness, grace, tenacity.  These are the things you'll tap into this week as you take a look at the reasons you are staying in a relationship where there is gaslighting happening; you call out any reasons that are NOT in alignment with your values, and identify where values conflicts are keeping you stuck. 


  • Week 11: Embracing Awakening: Get ready to spend some time connecting with your higher, fully awakened self!  Step into the fullness of your potential, and imagine where your new awareness (thoughts, feelings and desires) can take you!


  • Week 12: Celebration: This final week is for us to bear witness to the awakening you have gone through.  Validation, joy, recognition... we finish this journey the same way we started it - with intention and dedication to know ourselves, love ourselves, and trust ourselves. 


It’s been 4 years (strong) and I gotta tell you…I’m still using the tools I learned from you!! I’ve been know to say, and with a smile:  I refuse to ever be a victim of gaslighting so don’t even try.” I am fully aware of all things around me. The boundaries I learned from you are still in place! Thank you so much!

Smiling Girl

- L.K. 


Before Sarah's coaching I looked outside of myself for validation and didn't trust my own reality. Now, with a deeper understanding of how others gaslight us AND how we can gaslight ourselves, I know myself, love myself, and trust myself, and only put energy into the relationships that do the same. Her coaching taught me to raise the bar for my relationships and authentically live my best life as my true self.

- Annie H

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