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Program plus Group Coaching


If you've already done my AWARENESS VIDEO COURSE, you know that while there is a spectrum

that GASLIGHTING behaviors and experiences fall on, no matter what,

chronic GASLIGHTING causes trauma. 

Recurring trauma causes trauma brain - something science has shown to have concussion like impact! This can present a challenge when you're trying to learn new things, recognize patterns, and come up with solutions!


This understanding is at the heart of how I created my signature program; a program designed to not just educate you about GASLIGHTING – I want to help you TRANSFORM! 


I want to help you shift CONFIDENTLY from

understanding GASLIGHTING 

to MASTERING the information and tools

that will enable you to become



“If you want to go fast, go alone;
If you want to go far, go together."

- Burkina Faso (African) Proverb

With the Empowerment Program PLUS Live Group Coaching, Your Program Includes:

  • Lifetime access to the Signature Program

  • Twelve, 90-minute group coaching sessions 

The Signature Program PLUS Live Group Coaching is a powerful hybrid between the program as a stand-alone, and the Private Coaching option. 

The 3 Main Benefits of adding Live Group Coaching to your Empowerment Program experience:
With INSTANT ACCESS to the online course and anchoring points (which I explain here), you can begin to learn and implement important information and tools IMMEDIATELY, while you wait for your LIVE GROUP COACHING SESSIONS to begin.

No more rushing to get through the material at a pace that doesn't work for YOUR life; no more struggling to "keep up" with the rest of the group - with FOUR group options to choose from each year, you can choose how far in advance you want to go through the course before you start bringing your questions to me in the group coaching sessions. Click here to see the schedules for each group option

Since MANY of my clients like to go through each lesson a number of times, this combination between instant access + choosing your group option = great ability to let the lessons sink in - which often means you being able to ask clearer, more powerful questions in our group coaching sessions. 

When we begin your group coaching sessions, you get to join a COMMUNITY of other people who have been experiencing their own GASLIGHTING experiences, and who are learning alongside you how to best deconstruct and empower themselves in GASLIGHTING situations. This can be be both PROFOUNDLY VALIDATING when you hear others having the same struggles and questions - AND can be INSIGHTFUL as you hear others ask questions or share new awarenesses that, in turn, bring NEW AWARENESS to YOU!

*Because SAFETY is always my primary concern for my clients, group participation requires an application. I review each application for approval personally. 

Some thoughts on if this options is for you:

The SessionElements:
(What is covered in each lesson)

You work through these weekly elements in a variety of contexts; they are anchored in the more you engage them.

SESSION 1: The Journey Begins

We begin by getting familiar with the flow of the course, setting expectations for the work-load, stating intentions for what you want to get out of the journey this course takes you on.


SESSION 2: The Methods

Increase your ability to recognize GASLIGHTING behaviors by deconstructing the methods.  Answer the question: how can I tell...?  You will use these to create RED FLAGS that alert you to GASLIGHTING in the future.


SESSION 3: The Techniques

Starting to go a bit deeper, we identify the seven techniques often used in GASLIGHTING.  We address the question: "Why/How does this happen?" 


SESSION 4: The Tactics

Taking out our microscopes (not literally, lol), we zoom in on the finer details of how GASLIGHTING occurs.  This is where you learn about things like: love-bombing, mirroring, double-speak, and so much more, and connect them to the different techniques and methods.

SESSION 5: The Roles

Deepen your instincts and inner wisdom by identifying the different roles a Gaslighter may take on.  We link the ties between the tactics, techniques and traits the different roles exemplify.


SESSION 6: Why We're Vulnerable

Explore the ways we are both externally and internally pre-disposed to being vulnerable to GASLIGHTING.  We answer the question - "Why does this happen to me?".  Learn to use this new awareness to alert yourself to the areas you need to pay special attention to as you engage those around you.  You don't CHANGE who you are. You get to VALUE who you are and see your vulnerabilities simply as the areas where you need to create boundaries (aka protection). 


SESSION 7: Gaslighting Risks and Traps

This is a pivotal week you get to dive into your internal world and reveal the reasons you keep getting sucked into the patterns of GASLIGHTING experiences. This week you will confront the question – "Why do I do this?", and learn how you can stay connected to your inner wisdom and empowerment in order to avoid falling into those same traps ever again!


SESSION 8: Deconstructing Gaslighting

You are now able to see how all the moving parts of GASLIGHTING work together: roles, methods, techniques, tactics, vulnerabilities, and traps. This knowledge gives you the clarity to see where and how you can BREAK THE CYCLE – it's like getting the superpower of x-ray vision and you can now see through the bullsh*t!"(Sassy Sarah wanted to come out to play on this one! )

SESSION 9: Relationship Healing

This is where we tackle one of the hardest questions: "Will they change?".  By taking a look at how REAL change sounds, looks, and feels, you get a CLEAR picture of what YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO EXPECT from someone who says they're "working on it."


SESSION 10: Why We Stay

Honesty, courage, vulnerability, self-awareness, grace, tenacity.  These are the things you'll tap into this week as you take a look at the reasons you are staying in a relationship where there is GASLIGHTING happening; you call out any reasons that are NOT in alignment with your values and identify where values conflicts are keeping you stuck. 


SESSION 11: Embracing Awakening

Get ready to spend some time connecting with your higher, fully awakened self!  Step into the fullness of your potential, and imagine where your new awareness (thoughts, feelings and desires) can take you!


SESSION 12: Celebration

This final week is for you to bear witness to the awakening you have gone through.  Validation, joy, recognition... you finish this journey the same way you started it - with intention and dedication to know yourself, love yourself, and trust yourself. 


These anchoring points are what makes my approach unique! Why?


Because you will have 

a tremendous amount of support 

as you go through this course. 

As companions for each lesson in the program, you will also receive a:​

From my own in-depth personal and professional experience, I created a program that incorporates “anchoring points” to offer additional support to help you navigate through the DECONSTRUCTING GASLIGHTING™ EMPOWERMENT program.

Musing: This is a question for the lesson; one that you come back to over and over throughout the week as you let the question sink in - maybe shake some things loose, and allow both your truth and your vision for your higher self to surface. 


Video: Ranging in length of 10-30 minutes each, these weekly lessons are the foundation for what you will learn in the program.


Worksheet/Assessment: Each lesson has a worksheet or assessment that has been created to help you apply the lesson to YOUR specific situation. It can create powerful insights when you see your answers in “black and white”!


Embodiment Experience: Sometimes in the form of a game; sometimes in the form of an art project - these activities were created to help you “feel” into the lesson; it’s a way to bypass the obstacles your brain sometimes creates as a coping mechanism, and find answers you may not otherwise see. In these “backdoor” experiences, we often have big “A-HA!” moments, and come away with powerful validation and clarity. 


Top Take-Aways & Action Steps: This anchor is about self-accountability! Naming the things that were impactful, sitting with what you need to do in response to what you’ve learned or discovered, and identifying an action step (or two!)  to generate even a little forward motion - week after week - is how we begin to see BIG changes in our relationships over time!


Mantras: This is the space where you take those big, “A-HA!” moments/insights/action steps, and turn them into short phrases that ground you in your truth as you are trying to create new neural pathways in your brain - they inspire you to hold a boundary, not settle, not gaslight yourself, etc. An example in my own life is, “I define me!”. That came from the realization that I had been letting others have the power to define things about me, and I wasn’t going to let them do that any more. When doubt would arise, I would say this mantra and sink into myself with curiosity and compassion (and determination!).


Celebrations: This anchor is a psychological one - it’s about positive reinforcement! Opening the door to this stuff is HARD WORK, and celebrating our wins along the way - whether that win is holding a new boundary, discovering a truth about ourselves, or experiencing freedom in some new way - celebrating those wins tells our subconscious WE WANT MORE OF THIS! No thing is too big or too small to celebrate, and you can celebrate however you want. For example, saying, “I am proud of myself for asking for what I needed to feel safe, even though my partner said I was being too needy” is a celebration.


These anchoring points are incredibly powerful! 

This program is for you if...

Empowerment Program + Live Group Coaching:

You learn/assimilate information best when you get to hear others' experiences, questions, and answers as well as your own.  


You know yourself - you stick with something WAY BETTER when you have built-in consistency and accountability with others. 

You may have a somewhat demanding schedule, but can fit in AT LEAST your 15 minutes of 1-1 time either during the day or at night, once a week.

You know you'll want feedback from me every step along the way - even if just for 10-15 minutes (I can help you A LOT in 15 minutes, I promise!)


Group Option: March 2024 Start / Afternoon Sessions

All meeting times are 12:00 - 1:30 PM (Central Standard Time)

Session #1: Wednesday, February 28

Session #2: Wednesday, March 6

Session #3: Wednesday, March 13

Session #4: Wednesday, March 20

WEEK OFF: Wednesday, March 27

Session #5: Wednesday, April 3

Session #6: Wednesday, April 10

Session #7: Wednesday, April 17

WEEK OFF: Wednesday, April 24

Session #8: Wednesday, May 1

Session #9: Wednesday, May 8

Session #10: Wednesday, May 15

WEEK OFF: Wednesday, May 22

Session #11: Wednesday, May 29

Session #12: Wednesday, June 5



Group Option: January 2024 Start / Evening Sessions

All meeting times are 7:00 - 8:30 PM (Central Standard Time)

Session #1: Wednesday, February 28

Session #2: Wednesday, March 6

Session #3: Wednesday, March 13

Session #4: Wednesday, March 20

WEEK OFF: Wednesday, March 27

Session #5: Wednesday, April 3

Session #6: Wednesday, April 10

Session #7: Wednesday, April 17

WEEK OFF: Wednesday, April 24

Session #8: Wednesday, May 1

Session #9: Wednesday, May 8

Session #10: Wednesday, May 15

WEEK OFF: Wednesday, May 22

Session #11: Wednesday, May 29

Session #12: Wednesday, June 5

(You'll choose your option in the form)

Do You Already Have Your Own Group?

Do you already have an established group you meet with (like a peer support group, etc.), and you're interested in having group coaching support  for your group as you go through the Empowerment Program? 

Contact me here to check my  availability and special group discount

Maybe PRIVATE Coaching is More Your Style!

If you've read this far, then I’m guessing you already know deep down that this program is right for you!

But maybe...

you're looking for an experience just for YOU!


Signature Program PLUS Private Coaching:

This option would be for you if your need for SAFETY and PRIVACY are the most important things to you, and in addition to being able to ask questions about the course, you want coaching around real-time things happening in your life and relationship(s).

Modern Purple Green Package Comparison Chart Graph (1).png

The main difference is the AMOUNT of time and TYPE of time you get with 1:1 support!

Artboard 1 copy 7_3x.png

"I was working with Sarah at the same time I started therapy.  I got so much more out of working with Sarah than I did out of therapy, and it was easier on my wallet, too.  I loved being in a group session where I could hear both the painful trials and joyful successes of another person, and see how to take their lessons being learned into my own life too.  Working with Sarah was hands down one of the best choices I have made in the last couple of years. 


I started E2 at a low, grasping for something that would help me make sense out of what was going on in my life, and what I found at the end was not just more clarity and more tools, but an even more priceless gift - a better sense of who I am and where I want to go next."

- R.E.






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