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Helping Professionals Training & Certification 

 Watch this short video where the very first Certified Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Specialist shares her experience to help you envision:

  • The impact a Certified Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Specialist training can have in YOUR practice.

  • The RESULTS YOU could be seeing in YOUR clients due to the psychoeducation they're getting from the Deconstructing Gaslighting programs. 

  • How YOU could be bringing up the topic of the Deconstructing Gaslighting programs with YOUR clients.

  • How YOU could incorporate the programs in YOUR practice.

  • How YOU could begin to envision ADDING more services for YOUR clients with the content of the Deconstructing Gaslighting™ programs.

The Ipact in a Practice...

GASLIGHTING has moved from a rather obscure topic 
to a pop-culture phenomenon... 

It has even been mentioned in the newest DSM-5-TR under "Spouse or Partner Abuse, Psychological". 

Yet, up until now, it has been an issue our clients have struggled with 
and we have not had a clear standard of care nor a model to follow when providing care.

As helping professionals we need to be informed and equipped to provide the best care for our clients surrounding the wide variety of GASLIGHTING experiences they will come to us with. 

We need a unified front, a standard of care, and a proven model to follow for the issue of GASLIGHTING.

It may be a lofty goal, but that is what I'm aiming to do with this training and certification:  

Certified Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Specialists (C-DGS)

will both lead the way AND be the sought-after professio
nals when dealing with GASLIGHTING!

Gaslighting and Best Practices

Image by Sidekix Media

"Sarah's work on GASLIGHTING has been transformational, to not only me, but to my clients. Her video series is done in a way that makes GASLIGHTING and all of its components easy to understand and easy to articulate to others. It helps to understand the solutions to GASLIGHTING behaviors in order to take back your power. 

I am in awe of her dedication to this important concept as it relates to betrayal trauma. Sarah's work is an enormous gift to this community  - transformative and compassionate. I would highly recommend it!"

- Sarah B. McGuire LISW-CP Supervisor, CSAT, CCPS, EMDR Certified, CID Instructor

Your opportunity to "Kick the tires"

Prof webinar.pdf.png

With any big investment, we "kick the tires", so to speak. 

In that vein, I've created a 23-minute FREE webinar that will give you the opportunity to "kick the tires" and sample the information you will be receiving when you go through the CDGS training. 

Who the CDGS Certification is for...

The Deconstructing Gaslighting™ programs take people DEEP into understanding the moving parts of GASLIGHTING experiences and relationships.
















My heart and mind are ALWAYS keeping SAFETY for the client at the forefront, and therefore in order to carry the C-DGS certification, the requirements are to have at least one of the following:

  • Professional license is current and in good standing

  • Coaching certification is through an ICF accredited program

*All applicants will need to provide documentation of these requirements during the application process.



Taking clients THROUGH the Deconstructing Gaslighting™ programs is best left to those in the therapeutic/coaching realm. However, because GASLIGHTING is so rampant, an in-depth understanding of GASLIGHTING, and how to help those who come across your path, can (and should) be applied in the fields of...

  • Medicine (Doctors, Nurses, and especially OBGYN)

  • Teachers at any grade level

  • Clergy

  • Lawyers (especially family practice/divorce lawyers)

*If you fall into one of these fields, you will go through the same training, however you won't carry the certification to take people through the programs (your training will be discounted). 


If your job is not included in either list, yet you have a desire to help others through my programs/want to go through the training, please contact me at

While the programs are psycho-educational, and loaded with lots of information (I've been told time and again it's like a college-level course), work around GASLIGHTING inevitably stirs up or hooks trauma.


That is why I created these programs with the intention that a trauma-trained helping professional would guide and support people through the programs. 

The Difference This Training Makes...

"I just met with one of my clients who's in a highly abusive relationship... she's starting to become more aware, but lacking the confidence in her awareness. 

I asked her if she had heard of you and your course, she (had already) actually purchased it! But it was hard for her to stay motivated through it as she is getting spun pretty bad by her husband.  

I told her that you had just released the professionals manual and (now) I can walk her through each phase step by step, and she cried. 

She was feeling suicidal yesterday and now feels hope."

- Amie Woolsey, CPC, APSATS-candidate, ELI-MP, Brain spotting Practioner

This client had purchased the Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Empowerment program and was attempting to go through it by herself! As is often the case when "trauma brain" is in effect, she became overwhelmed by the information. She was also nearly debilitated by the confusion that was the result of the chronic GASLIGHTING by her husband. She had almost given up hope

THIS is the profoundly impactful difference having this certification can have in YOUR client's journey of healing from the effects of GASLIGHTING!


CDGS Training


This training takes your knowledge and skills to the next level. Sarah Morales is the first professional to take all the information there was about GASLIGHITNG, expand that understanding with her own research, and develop a model that teaches the gaslightee not only how to recognize when a GASLIGHTING attempt is happening, but how to recognize and then safeguard their vulnerabilities from further GASLIGHTING

This training will educate and equip you, the helping professional, in a way that will allow you to meet your client where they're at WITHOUT having to refer out! 

You will be able to provide SPECIALIZED care - IN HOUSE!

This training, and the subsequent use of the Deconstructing Gaslighting™ programs, will provide you with READY MADE group, 1:1, and workshop material - all aimed at helping your clients find what so many have told me was "The Missing Piece" they needed to get UNSTUCK, and find clarity and confidence. 

And finally, in this training you will learn information and tools that will enable you to master proven strategies to identify and overcome your client's post-traumatic trauma triggers (related to GASLIGHTING), know if it's safe to repair deep attachment wounds, and address overwhelming emotions like shame (via self-GASLIGHTING), anger, anxiety, fear and depression. 

Image by Angelo Pantazis

"Through Sarah's guidance, I gained a deeper understanding of GASLIGHTING's intricacies, along with a shared meaning and understanding with my clients. I'm grateful to be able to walk my clients through the materials with a solid program for them to learn and grow. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to offer their clients applicable tools and skills laid out easily and effectively."

- Alana Gordon, MFTI, CCPS, CSAT Candidate, Brainspotting Practitioner

"This was THE missing piece!"



I've spent the past decade focused on deconstructing all the moving parts of many types of GASLIGHTING experiences, with the intention of turning what I learned into psycho-education


For the past six years, I've been testing and refining both the information I deliver, and the method in which it is delivered, in order to not just educate, but help people assimilate the life-changing psycho-education and tools I've collected over the years.

Now that I have the receipts to back it up, I'm presenting YOU with the ability to use my offerings in your own practice!

Components of Training

The goal of the Certified Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Specialist training is to establish consistent, reliable care that will set THE standard around the issue of GASLIGHTING. 


As professionals you will learn the deconstructing skills and tools you can use with your clients, which will enhance each client's experience and integration of the content and practices in the Deconstructing Gaslighting™ programs.

This self-paced training is a step-by-step guide to maximizing results and getting your clients to a place of greater clarity, peace, empowerment, and post traumatic growth.

Level 2 training (and certification) provides additional exercises, tools, and supervision that will enhance the professionals mastering of both the deconstructing process and the tools clients use to anchor in their growth during their journey of healing from the effects of GASLIGHTING.  

Learning objectives of the

Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Specialist Certification

  • Thorough understanding and ability to describe in detail the methodology of the three offerings/programs: Deconstructing Gaslighting™ Conversations, Awareness, and Empowerment.

  • Thorough understanding of the goals and objectives for each lesson in the programs and how to use those goals to help your clients stay on course to meet their desired outcomes for their journey. 

  • Learn the significance of each of the supplemental activities I call "anchors", what your role as the helping professional is with your client for each anchor, and how to maximize the anchor's potential for greater insight for your clients. 

  • Learn the most common needs and struggles clients have as they move through the program and how to address them.

  • Explore the use of analogies and stories as supplemental information to emphasize or aid your client in recollection of pivotal points or stubborn obstacles.

  • Utilize tools adapted to enhance the use of "powerful questions" to help your clients gain greater insights and transformational shifts. 

  • Consider the connection between mindfulness practices and clients reconnecting to themselves in order to restore their self-trust and intuition.

  • Learn key connections between the Deconstructing Gaslighting™ programs and the APSATS MPTM (three phase model of partner betrayal derived from Judith Hermann's Trauma Model) and understand when to use the different programs according to which phase of the APSATS MPTM your client is in. 

  • Go through a number of case studies and deconstruct them into flow charts (a key component to identifying the patterns in the gaslighting relationship, and something that is a main goal of the 12-session program). 

  • Examine common pitfalls that helping professionals fall into with gaslighting so you can be aware and avoid them. 

  • Explore the need for establishing support teams with collaboration between therapist and coach.


  • Assess your clients' readiness to begin the Deconstructing Gaslighting™ programs, and understand the possible adaptations based upon clients' needs and readiness.


  • Assess for the need for therapeutic and other support services during your client's journey. 



  • 3 training videos with quizzes after each one to test your comprehension of the material.

  • 16 videos in the client-facing Deconstructing Gaslighting™ offerings with quizzes after each.


  • Receive an official "CDGS LEVEL 1" certificate upon completion.

  • Gain access to the “Helping Professionals Toolbox” upon course completion (an extensive manual that includes lesson outlines, worksheets, embodiment exercises & safety assessment, client progress checklist, card-deck, and all videos in one streamlined, digital place).

  • Be added to my online public resource directory of all helping officials who are Level I Certified CDGS so that other potential clients in your area can find you!

  • Be given the ability to sign up for an affiliate link and earn 10% of all Deconstructing Gaslighting programs your clients purchase!


  • Requirement of completion of Level I, PLUS:

  • Attendance at a virtual experiential workshop (2 hours):

    • Harnessing the power of the anchors

    • Case studies to deconstruct with focus on GASLIGHTING risks and traps

  • Four hours of consultation in either group or 1:1 sessions with Sarah Morales.

  • Receive an official "CDGS Level II" certificate upon completion of workshop and supervision.

  • Be added to my online public resource directory of all helping officials who are Level II Certified CDGS so that other potential clients in your area can find you!

Image by Workperch

"Sarah's work has been a game-changer and completely transformational. Her giftedness and incredibly straightforward approach are invaluable in helping call out toxic relational patterns and to better understand how to identify and communicate healthy boundaries. Specializing in GASLIGHTING and healing from the effects of narcissism is something very much needed in our world today at an individual, communal and national level for both clients and clinicians alike."

- Bella Rockman, MA, LPC, LCDC-i

Artboard 1 copy 11_3x.png



Option #1: Individual - $289

Option #2: Group/whole practice - $211 per person for groups of three or more. Contact Sarah for group discount code. 


Option #1: Individual

  • Two-hour workshop - $200

  • Four hours of consultation:

    • Group consultation - $50 per session 

    • 1:1 consultation = $150 per session

    • (Your choice of type of consultation. You can mix and match group/1:1 hours. You will get more details about consultation after completion of your CDGS Level I certification).

Option #2: Group/whole practice - inquire with Sarah for group training and consultation packages by contacting Sarah at

*Completion of Level I required


  • One-hour on-boarding call - $150

  • Support session via Zoom (50 min) - $150

  • Monthly consultation subscription (via Zoom meeting): $50/month

    • *Can be applied to CDGS Level 2 supervision requirement​

  • Support package via WhatsApp: $150 per month; limited to total of 60 minutes of Sarah’s time listening/responding; can cancel at any time.​

You can find more information about the consultation options here


"My experience with Sarah and her understanding of, and ability to help others recognize and understanding GASLIGHTING patterns, has been exceptional. I love how Sarah takes a close look at each of the individual pieces of a GASLIGHTING experience, and helps people put it all together to help them understand the patterns and connections in their own unique experience.  


I have watched Sarah's material be so impactful for people I work with and I am so excited to be able to utilize this material with my clients! "

- Kimberly Day, LMHC, CCPS



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Have questions? I'm happy to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have. 

Schedule your FREE, 30-minute consultation below. 

Professional Bio:

Sarah Morales is the owner and creator of Deconstructing Gaslighting™ and is widely recognized as an expert and thought leader on the topic of GASLIGHTING. She helps raise public awareness around GASLIGHTING through her many public platforms and creates programs that help empower victims of GASLIGHTING.

Sarah currently sits on the board of APSATS (the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists), consults & contracts with numerous helping professionals, and is frequently invited as a guest speaker at national conferences and on podcasts.

This is the story of how she arrived here…

"In January 2011, the FBI came to my house, and I had my

“discovery” of my (then) husband's sexually deviant behavior.


Shortly after, I joined a group led by a therapist/coach named 

Marsha Means. As I was going through her group, she

recognized some gifts in me, and encouraged me to get my

certification as a life coach. She asked me to join her team of

coaches helping other women heal. So that is exactly what I

did. I got my certification as a life and relationship coach, and

started leading women through groups that were going

through Marsha’s workbook. As my life was in a lot of

transition during that season, I did this for about a year.


In July 2012, I moved myself and my two kids to Austin, TX, and I took a year off of helping others so that I could nurture my own healing and focus on my kids.


By February of 2013, I was ready for more. I met with a local CSAT named Peter Daniels III, of Therapy Works. Peter hired me to create a program for the partners of the sexually addicted men he was providing therapy for. I built a thriving program that included individual coaching, workshops, support groups, and retreats. Several significant things happened during the four years I worked for Peter at Therapy Works: 

  • It was during this time that Peter sent me to a conference where I learned about APSATS. I jumped at the opportunity to receive cutting edge training and certification that would enable me to better serve my clients. I was one of the earliest Certified Life Coaches to go through the APSATS training, which was in May of 2014. I accumulated my hours of professional work and supervision and became an APSATS Certified Partner Coach (CPC) in February of 2016

  • ​Peter handed me the book, “The Gaslight Effect” by Dr. Robin Stern to help me prepare for an intensive he wanted me to co-facilitate. Little did he or I know how the course of my life just changed trajectory. I immediately knew this was something VERY important – something life-changing.

  • Peter believed in me and saw my potential long before I could see it for myself. His trust and belief in me gave me the courage to build, create, deep-dive, and move into the thought-leader that I am today. He challenged me to become the person he knew I already was.

  • During my tenure with Peter, he started an in-patient treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction, focusing on treatment for vets, people coming out of incarceration, and the homeless. It was in this context I first began working with addicts in recovery (as a coach, teaching life-skills).



By April 2017, I had grown to the point where I knew the next step for me was to start a private coaching practice, and focus on my specialization in GASLIGHTING.

In 2018, I was approached by Sharon Rinearson of CORE Relationship Recovery. They were building an amazing, international team to conduct specialized intensives, and they wanted me on their team as their “go-to GASLIGHTING expert”. I gratefully accepted, came on board as one of their contractors, and am there to this day. Some highlights from my work with CORE are:

  • The weekly Tuesday night men’s group I have facilitated for the past five years. I have grown to love these men, and they have taught me what sincere, fully embraced recovery looks like. My work with the addict in recovery has grown exponentially as I have worked with them.

  • ​The three-hour sessions I get to do in their intensives with addicts who are wanting to understand the impact that their GASLIGHTING has had on those they are in relationship with, what “triggers” their GASLIGHTING behaviors, and strategies to stop GASLIGHTING behaviors.

  • ​The three-hour sessions I get to do in their intensives with the partners of addicts who are desperate to learn how to recognize GASLIGHTING when its happening, where & why they are especially vulnerable to their gaslighter, and strategies on how to stop getting sucked in & stay connected to self-trust.

These are the main things that helped my hone my skills, test my information and tools, and establish a proven way to help people heal.

Ten years ago, I came across the word GASLIGHTING, and since then I have made it my mission to take this complicated, nuanced topic, deconstruct it, and make it understandable and implementable in people's lives.


My decade of studying, continually deconstructing, and coaching both individuals and groups culminated in 2022 with my DECONSTRUCTING GASLIGHTING™ offerings: a free webinar, video course, signature program, and podcast – all aimed at empowering others to better understand and identify GASLIGHTING in their lives and relationships.

My passion to empower others to transform their lives fuels my work with my clients and pushes me to continue developing new programs on the cutting edge of helping others grow to know, trust, and love themselves more than they knew was possible."

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